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Positively impact the community you serve by easily reuniting lost or stolen items back to the owners.

Stop Storing. Start Reuniting! 

Connect and return property with ease.

Look who is using Foundrop!

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Law enforcement agencies are challenged by the disconnect of matching found property to the legal owner. The immense amount of time it takes to manage and return that property is daunting. Foundrop solves the problem by doing what is humanly impossible; it dynamically connects the property to cases across jurisdictions and agency boundaries. 

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Foundrop Empowers All Stakeholders

DETECTIVES who think it won’t be found. Our “Hit-List” feature uses automation to match property from victim reports to property on evidence shelves. We find it for you.

EVIDENCE STAFF with limited space & time. You will have a department branded public webpage to efficiently connect the property you want to return to the community you serve.

OFFICERS who suspect property is stolen. Search for all property and get stolen and lost hits giving them reasonable suspicion to retain and recover stolen property.

OWNERS who want their valuables back. A robust and dynamic property search and recovery portal empowers user to be reunited with their missing property quickly.

Become Proactive with Automation

“The property probably would have never been connected to the case. If it had been, it would have taken months. Foundrop did it in hours.”

Tucson Police Department

Release more property with Foundrop

Foundrop Empowers citizens to document, and flag lost and stolen property - allowing you to efficiently connect the property sitting on your shelves back to them. 

It’s like having a thousand detectives knocking  on doors asking, “Is this yours?”

Release MORE property EVERY year.


Foundrop Key Features 

One Place For All 

The problem is your agency doesn’t know another agency recovered it AND that agency has no idea you are looking for it!  The solution is, we connect agencies using one cloud-based platform. 

Built on Security

The Foundrop platform is built on advanced cloud services that will allow you to implement quickly, deliver a high level of customer service with low overhead for everyone involved.

Mobile Accessibility

Foundrop works on all mobile and modern browsers. The secure cloud platform makes it easily accessible from smart phones, tablets, desktops, and MDC units. 

Automation & Notification 

The fastest way to find property is to let it find itself! When property is received by an  agency that uses Foundrop, it is added to the “Hit List”.  The investigator looking for that item is then notified by email when it’s reported and found. 

Department Web Page

Foundrop includes a public interface for the community to easily connect with their missing property. As items are found, the claiming owner is notified by email. This is truly proactive community service in action!


Physical and digital evidence management software provider.

Foundrop integrates with the EvidenceOnQ evidence management system, the industry leading solution developed by FileOnQ. It provides comprehensive tools for public safety agencies to securely and efficiently manage both physical and digital evidence.

Connect Items Quickly

An investigator is at a search warrant and locates a Rolex watch. They search for it on Foundrop and get a hit! This scenario is possible with the integrated “Victim Report”. Owners can provide a stolen property report on Foundrop, complete with pictures! This enables stolen property to be identified instantly. 



Reduce your overhead and stress and start efficiently returning lost valuables to the community you serve.

DEPLOY the system in minutes with no servers or databases to manage.

SECURE  your information on an easily accessed cloud-based system.

AUTOMATE notifications of identified items to agency staff and property owners.

 Cloud Platform


Lost & Found Property Using Our  

Choose The Plan That Fits Your Needs



$50 per month

(Per institution - no contracts!)

  • Satisfies public posting compliance for found property
  • No IT integration | Cloud-hosted 
  • Retention expiration auto-purge
  • Branded department web page
  • Upload item images
  • Set up in 10 minutes & No contracts



  • Includes Foundrop Basic
  • Unlimited users
  • Integrates with EvidenceOnQ 
  • Auto-posting of items from EvidenceOnQ to Foundrop
  • Officers can match lost and stolen property entered by victims.

Integrates with EvidenceOnQ

  • Includes Foundrop Essentials
  • Digital Victim Stolen Property Reporting Portal with instant PDF report via email OR seamlessly integrate your RMS  using our API.
  • Hit List for EvidenceOnQ users OR integrate your current system. Learn More



Integrates with EvidenceOnQ

Citizens Sign Up and Benefits

Search, report, or claim your missing valuables




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Report & Search 

If you have lost or had your property stolen, you often do not have an easy way to get it back. You have no idea the police department has found it – and the agency doesn't know whom it belongs to. 

Foundrop fixes that disconnect by enabling you to report and search for your missing property in seconds. You can even use Foundrop to inventory property before it goes missing - empowering you to be quickly reunited with it once it's found. 

Claim & Reunite

When property is recovered by an agency, Foundrop matches it to reported missing items. The owner receives an email to claim their property. Foundrop enables agencies to provide proactive community service and provides you a way to easily get your stuff back.

With Foundrop property finds you rather than dying on a shelf.

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